Groups are for local communities who are interested in developing a neighbourhood plan for their area, or who have already started on the process. Anyone registered to use the forums on this site can start a group – but check first that there isn’t one already for your neighbourhood.
Each group has their own forums, a resource area for unloading documents, and a members list. Groups can choose to be public, or they can elect to be private so that new members need to apply to join, and access the group’s plans and discussions is ‘members only’. Tips for using the Forums and Groups on this site (pdf).

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Grantham Town Neighbourhood Forum

Grantham Town Neighbourhood Forum has been set up by Conserving Grantham members concerned at the loss of a number of local historic buildings and approval of insensitive developments in the Town Centre, and over development of the rural area around the town.

The aim of the group is to ensure… Read More >

Fri, 09 Nov 2012 2
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Grovehill Futures

Private group for the sharing of information relating to the preperation of the Grovehill Neighbourhood Plan.

Thu, 25 Jul 2013 4