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A consultee on a Parish draft plan has identified discrepancies between the area as designated and the (incorrect) area identified in the draft Plan (as a proposals map) and the pre-submission draft Plan (as a ‘location map). The designated area is intended to be the Parish and while hand-drawn was correct except for two parts missing from the map to E & W.
The difference amounts to several fields in a few locations including some isolated buildings (which may include dwellings). It appears to have arisen from the Parish using different sources, and missing part of the edges of the Parish off the original area designation submission map.
The consultee claims that this may have put some people off responding to the Plan & the consultation is therefore flawed.
I consider that the significance in planning terms, i.e. the impact upon any person affected (or not) by either the resulting neighbourhood plan, is insignificant. I am confident an examiner would agree.
Has anyone encountered this? The matter is with our solicitor as it appears to be a technical/legal matter.

#465 aaron_gray 65 days, 22 hrs ago

That general extant will have been mapped based on the details contained in the lease and considering what details were already available from Ordnance Survey and previously registered leasehold titles noted against the freehold title. https://www.clazwork.com/how_it_works.php

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Thanks Aaron, but I don’t think that answers my query.

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