#404 a_townsend 407 days, 12 hrs ago

Two weeks ago I posted an item on one of your forums.  I have not had a single reply yet.  A few days after posting it, I looked at the activity levels of users of the forums and it is disastrously low.
You really do need to send some messages out to those who have enrolled on the forums in order to get people to become active.  Forums do need work to get going.  Would you please do your part?  I have asked a very serious question in my posting and I really do want some answers.  Please do your part!  You have produced some very good documents to help people like me and this lifeless forum is a total contrast.

Also, I just phoned you about this and got a message saying that no one was there, and confirming that I was phoning in your stated working hours.

#406 lawshall_forum 394 days, 11 hrs ago

I have produced my own forum covering Neighbourhood Planning and good practice - Lawshall Forum.  There is definitely an interest in Neighbourhood Planning but I would suggest that for every 100 guests only one person is likely to be be committed enough to sign up - this has been my experience on other forums

#415 joe_lewandowski 379 days, 18 hrs ago


I agree.  Forums are very hard to get active.  We have just started on the NP route in our village. I think a Forum like this is needed.  Not sure how we can get more action other that using it more ourselves. I know that that is a bit lame, but .


#451 derek_mayton 26 days, 22 hrs ago

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