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Session title: Neighbourhood Planning in England: the contested politics of localism and co-production
Sponsored by the Planning & Environment Research Group
Session convenors:
Dr Sue Brownill, Oxford Brookes University. Email: 
Dr Quintin Bradley, Leeds Metropolitan University. Email:

This session will explore the contested politics of Neighbourhood Development Plans (NDPs). The convenors welcome either conceptual or empirically focused papers on the impact of neighbourhood planning on planning, the environment and the politics of governance. Please send abstracts of no more than 300 words, plus title and author details to Quintin Bradley () and Sue Brownill () by 14 February 2014

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Quintin….. I am chair of our Neighbourhood Planning Group in Duston Northamptonshire. With the greatest of respect I do not understand any thing that you have posted in this communication. I am sure the majority of Parish Councillors would be in the same position a me. Is there any way you can clarify the email? pls?

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Hi Frances, you’re quite right to point out that this is written in academic language. It is copied and pasted from something sent out to university lecturers. We’re asking
if any one would like to do a presentation about neighbourhood planning, particularly drawing out any lessons that can be learned. If so, then send us a 300 word outline because we are running a session on neighbourhood plans at a major London conference and would like a range of views represented.

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I am doing some research on the the procedural difficulties of defining neighbourhoods and setting up forums. In particular: boundary disputes, capture by sub-groups, definitions of residential v business areas etc and alternative approaches to defining and recruiting membership. I’m also interested in the relationship between neighbourhood housing policies and how these relate to core strategies. There are currently at least two legal challenges in relation to these issues. I would be happy to present a paper on one of these topics at the RGS-IBS conference.

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At present there is no set timescale for a referendum to be called on a Neighbourhood Plan.  This means that Principal Authorities are able to delay referenda to prevent having to hand over extra Community Infrastructure levy to Parish Councils.  A national petition to Parliament requiring Parishes are compensated for unreasonable delays has been started by St Neots Town Councillors in Cambridgeshire. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/110724

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I have read this thread and agree that the proposed conference would not appeal to us. However is it aimed at the parishs/neighbourhood “amateurs” or the professionals who will support us?
I think the focus if it is for parishs/neighbourhoods it should be on workshops to showcase good practice and practically help people with their consultations and key note form the government. Recently there was a good basic introductory session from CPRE but it left questions???

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